This October 24 (2022) Jingan has been invited to discuss SOHO ON SCREEN at the ‘New Writings’ event in person at the BFI Reuben Library (6:30pm-8:00pm). Guest Peter Bradshaw. Tickets available here.

On June 1 2022, Jingan will be presenting on her book with Benjamin Halligan on an online event for both her and Halligan’s book HOTBEDS OF LICENTIOUSNESS.

Jingan is presenting her research at two upcoming conferences, in July 1-3 2022 at SCREEN (Glasgow) and 28-29 July 2022 at TV Londons (University of Westminster).

Jingan’s interview on Disney’s live action Mulan appears in the forthcoming Intellect Book’s Fan Phenomena edited by Sabrina Mittermeier.

Jingan was on BBC Free Thinking to discuss her book and Benjamin Halligan’s new book on pornography and Soho in film with a special episode on the area with Dr Matthew Sweet on May 12 2021.

Check out Jingan’s feature on Soho, strip clubs and B films in in Sight And Sound (November 2020 Issue).

Jingan interviewed Edgar Wright for his new film Last Night in Soho on Soho Radio, in November 2020. The recording is available on SPOTIFY.

Jingan has a chapter on Emeric Pressburger in Global London (Manchester University Press), forthcoming, September 2022.

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